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BRU – Rebranding

BRU – Rebrandingfeatured

Objective Campaign : BRU wished to reposition their product with a real back to the source. They managed this by focusing on the essential dimension of it’s sparkling water: the water that springs naturally sparkling from the earth. Media Characteristics : Eight meters high, the BRU bottle was displayed on the More O’Ferrall billboards, strategically situated in Read more



Objective Campaign : The goal of the campaign was to promote the release of the movie Rocketman. A biographical musical film based on the life of musician Elton John. To catch the consumer’s attention we created a unique and memorable experience that matched the plot of the movie perfectly. Media Characteristics : Both wrapped Elevator Walls XL Read more



Objective Campaign : The aim was to ensure a good  visibility on OOH media that were no more useful as from Sunday evening and to communicate in the same theme as the official elections. In an impertinent way, it was a way of attracting the attention of a young audience, that targeted by FANTA and this, Read more

Axe Collision – The Murals

Axe Collision – The Muralsfeatured

Objective Campaign : The brand was looking for an OOH product that could reflect the name of the product: a limited series of AXE named “Fresh Forest & Graffiti”. The idea of a giant graffiti wall handpainted that also incorporated 3D vegetals seemed perfect for AXE. The city centersof Ghent and Antwerp have been selected as Read more

TUI – Bye bye Blue Monday

TUI – Bye bye Blue Mondayfeatured

Objective Campaign : Description about the campaign objectives and why Out-Of-Home and particularly this network has been chosen by the client/advertiser To avoid the Blue Monday, TUI has organized a competition to turn this day into a joyful day, offering 10 flight tickets to sunny destinations. Digital OOH has perfectly answered the client’s wish to organize Read more

LIDL Eindejaarscampagne

LIDL Eindejaarscampagnefeatured

Objective Campaign : Reinforcement of the end of year campaign by combining OOH with other classical media. Purpose was to create impact, the reason why the choice for Publifer with it’s out-of-the box impactful solutions. Media Characteristics : MOF 36m² – 40 sites + a few locations with Out of the box add on Elevator Walls XL Read more



Objective Campaign : In August 2018, the federal police recruited 950 colleagues to support their new security unit. The agency PH410 was looking for an impacting way to reach their target. Media Characteristics : We have proposed our national Face2face network with an extension on the mirrors. We positioned 100 stickers in more than 50 establishments (bars, Read more



Objective Campaign : The goal was to make a link between the creative message and the use of the medium. Here the campaign refers to the data which, if not used by Base’s customers, is directly reported to the next month. Media Characteristics : If data can be reported to the next month, a link between this Read more



Objective Campaign : Ensure the reputation and promotion of the Smurf Experience, which took place on the Heyzel site, an immersion in the world of the Smurfs which ended on January 2019 and started in June 2018.   Media Characteristics : Apart from the traditional OOH media such as paper and digital 2m2, special attention has been Read more



Objective Campaign: In Direct proximity of the BATIBOUW salon in Brussels, in order to attract the client attention about the possibilities of renovations credit. Media characteristics: A complete wrapping of the metro station entrance on all format available : An impactful communication that plays with the environment insert frames like bathroom mirrors, 2m² mupi like Read more