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Objective Campaign : Brand awareness FACE2FACE confrontation Contextual brand visibility (HORECA) Message to the right target (ladies vs gents), Fun & likeability conversion Media Characteristics : Face2face national 2.350 frames HORECA – CINEMA – NIGHTCLUB – CONCERT HALL Reason best Practice : We have been able to reach the right target in a long confrontation medium with a message one to Read more

Coca Cola – Recycling

Coca Cola – Recyclingfeatured

Objective Campaign : The purpose of the campaign is to raise consumer awareness about the necessity of recycling. Media Characteristics : Prestige Reason best Practice : a campaign that does not sell a product but promotes a change in behaviour

BRU – Rebranding

BRU – Rebrandingfeatured

Objective Campaign : BRU wished to reposition their product with a real back to the source. They managed this by focusing on the essential dimension of it’s sparkling water: the water that springs naturally sparkling from the earth. Media Characteristics : Eight meters high, the BRU bottle was displayed on the More O’Ferrall billboards, strategically situated in Read more



Objective Campaign : The aim was to ensure a good  visibility on OOH media that were no more useful as from Sunday evening and to communicate in the same theme as the official elections. In an impertinent way, it was a way of attracting the attention of a young audience, that targeted by FANTA and this, Read more



Objective Campaign : Recently Desperado launched 4 new flavours and choose specifically for the Cine Poster Touch network in and around movie theaters to promote this. Recent research already showed that cinema goers in general are very open for product innovations and novelties. Only natural that Desperados choose these locations to promote their new flavours. Media Read more



Objective Campaign While focusing on a specific Quick product offer, create appeal and interest about the brand and it’s products. Media Characteristics Quick used (D)OOH and made sure that all Quick ad creations respected the general golden rules of OOH : simplicity, a single message, packshot showcase and use of brand colors. Reason Best Practice Read more



Campaigns with high BOA-scores, incl. high originality score  

Coca Cola – Gift Paper

Coca Cola – Gift Paperfeatured

Objective Campaign Associate the brand Coca Cola with the time of year (celebrations, presents,…) in a creative way generating sympathy around the brand. Media Characteristics The use of mupi’s in a selection of stores with high traffic of people looking for Christmas presents ensures a perfect link between the message and the target audience. Using Read more