Renault Viewbox

Renault Viewboxfeatured

Objective Campaign :
The objective of the campaign was to clearly emerge among the many advertisers already present, in an original and premium way. Unveil the vehicles in a real way, in 3D and highlight them through a viewbox on a stage stand.

Media Characteristics :
The media is classic "out of the box" consisting of 2 glass containers, lighted and raised and incorporating 2 Renaults models, the Zoé electric and the new Captur.

Reason best Practice :
All advertiser parameters have been respected:
- Brand enhancement
- Emergence in a saturated universe
- Highlighting real vehicles
- more than 350,000 people passed at least 2 times in front
- No incident despite the activists present on January 18 and, on the contrary, this positioning allowed us to take advantage of numerous television spin-offs