Renault Zoé (electrical car)

Renault Zoé (electrical car)featured

Objective Campaign :
Promote the new electrical car Renault Zoé
Add relevancy, creativity and innovation on top of the impactful and powerful new Renault Zoe launch campaign. The creativity of the different messages in the right context will give the customer a clear added value.

Media Characteristics :
Network : a selection of JCD Digital Street Screens in Brussels
Campaign mechanism : programmatic buying triggered by air quality data enables the campaign to be displayed only in very specific situation: ​

- The DSP (Demand Side Platform) integrates real-time data from air pollution sensors nearby the DOOH placements.​
- Impressions (contacts) are bought only when the air quality measured at the nearest by weather station is poor.​
- 3 different versions of the creative are used and triggered depending on the pollution level (yellow – orange – red), offering relevant information to the passers-by. ​

Reason best Practice :
Renault Zoe campaign leverages multiple USP’s from DOOH programmatic trading: ​
- Real-time response to 3rd-party data events ​
- Campaign optimization – buying only the impressions that are relevant for the campaign messaging.​
- Creative Optimization – different messages are displayed based on the situation  ​
- Control & Efficiency: thanks to agency level control of the buying and centralized reporting in the DSP. ​
- Scale – the campaign mechanism is scaled on a large amount of screens. ​

Great collaborative work of the brand, the media agency, the creative agency, the poster specialist and JCDecaux​
Renault Belgilux expressed its will to renew such operating as a part of its “always-on” communication plan.