Vlaamse Overheid – Volwassenonderwijs

Vlaamse Overheid – Volwassenonderwijsfeatured

Objective Campaign :
“Nog een reden om bij te leren” (another reason to continue learning). That's the slogan of the campaign for adult education by the Flemish Government.
With this out-of-home campaign, “Onderwijs Vlaanderen” aims to reach a wide range of people and make adult education appealing to a diverse audience. The awareness campaign should encourage people to reskill, change careers or acquire new skills.

Media Characteristics :
A uniform bus campaign that involves more than 400 vehicles, with advertisements placed on the back and inside of the buses.
This campaign is further enhanced by digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising in the premetro in Antwerp.

Reason best Practice :
- The campaign spotlights the shortage of bus drivers as a critical occupation.
- Strategic use of touchpoints: targeting the right audience through public transportation
- Adapting the campaign message to the chosen medium: bus vs. digital.