Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5featured

Objective Campaign :
Create a wow effect around the launch of the new Galaxy Z Flip5 with an immersive & interactive experience.
Reach the Gen Z & Millenials

Media Characteristics :
Basis: JCD Cover (reach & frequency)
2 monumental banners in the heart of Antwerp & Brussels and Frontline digital screen on Antwerp Meir.
Out Of the Box: 3D MOVING cut-outs, mirror effect.

Reason best Practice :
We had to find a way to reach a young audience and create a completely WOW & interactive experience (possibility of interactivity thanks to photos via mirror stickers / cut-outs).
Creating moving cut-outs that illustrate the foldable USP of the smartphone was a challenge that was brilliantly met on the 2 monumental banners.
The mirror stickers that were placed on more than 1.200 2m² posters were also a big success.