Objective Campaign :
To pursue its development strategy throughout Belgium and internationally,  the Belgian luxury watch brand opened a pop-up store at Brussels Airport on Friday February 15th, to complement its two current points of sale in Antwerp and Brussels. In important objective of the pop-up store is to catch the international audience, in a premium airport environment.

Media Characteristics :
1 POP up Store at Brussels Airport (from 15/2 to 15/4)
+ presence on the 45 digital i-Vision screens
+ welcome led wall

Reason best Practice :
A perfect use of the airport environment to attract the attention on the brand and increase the awareness to a Belgian and international luxury brand loving audience.
Advertising broadcasted on the full digital network offers a full visibility throughout the passengers path to the pop-up store where people can buy immediately.
An impactful visibility on one of the biggest screens (welcome led wall) of the airport creates the image of a literally ‘great’ brand, and is the final touch of a dominant presence at the airport.