Objective Campaign :
The coffee brand 'Bruynooghe' launched their rebranding campaign in April 2020 where they announced new eye-catching packaging design. They introduced an attractive design with red stripes for their complete corporate identity.
Bruynooghe opted from the start for a fully branded coastal tram with personalised branding on the in as well as the outside.

Media Characteristics :
The full branding campaign at the Belgian coast attracted a lot of attention in this summer's peak season.
We used a full wrap coastal tram and added 5 floor stickers, 18 wobblers 7 banners on the inside. This complete package in the new Bruynooghe design is what this coffee brand made stand out.

Reason best Practice :
- Great, colourful  and straightforward design.
- The outside merges completely with the inside, which makes this vehicle stand out.
- The creative 'dialect' copywriting and catch phrases on the inside formats, accentuate the rebranding perfectly:
‘Straffe kaffie ut d’oede doze’, ‘Das es kaffie noa min erte’, …
- The total OOH campaign brings a great vibe and perfect match for the Bruynooghe rebranding campaign.