Coca-Cola “Real Magic”

Coca-Cola “Real Magic”featured

Objective Campaign :
Coca-Cola wanted a unique visibility for the launch of its new campaign “Real Magic". Belgian artists created street art for the new communication campaign. The particularity of this project, was a mural with special video mapping effects above the painting. A touch that reinforced the campaign, and that shows that the real and virtual world can meet even in urban wall advertising.

Media Characteristics :
The Air Purifying Murals are a totally unique product . A 100 % handmade artistic realization, in this case augmented with video mapping .
Here, Coca-Cola collaborated with several Belgian artists of national and international fame: _Smok_, Arnaud Hermant & Glitch Prod.

It reaches the masses (more than 2.900.000 OTS) and it purifies the air at the same time: the 200m2 of these murals have the same purifying effect as 200 mature trees.

Reason best Practice :
In this campaign, the real and virtual worlds meet.
When these two worlds meet, a moment of magic is created.
That campaign is a metaphor proving that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.
It uses both artistic talent, a media with impact, and video beaming to really augment the storytelling power of the campaign.

How it became real