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Objective Campaign :
“#SendingLove” has been a global initiative promoting messages of love that unite communities all over the world during the fight against the effects of COVID-19 and has run on advertising space donated by over 70 media owners across 153 cities making it the biggest UGC campaign ever to run on digital Out of Home.

Media Characteristics :
The campaign encourages participants to send love to those in places they cannot travel to, by getting creative with the heart-hand symbol and uploading their pictures and locations to www.sendinglove.to. Participants are then given the option to donate to the global COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund before receiving a photo of their picture playing on-screen in their chosen city to share with friends and family across social channels. The campaign could be seen on the 4 I-CONIC screens in Brussels (Delta, Van Praet, De Brouckère and Charles Quint).

Reason best Practice :
The system geo targets messages to the chosen city, connecting communities to messages of love from afar in a show of global strength and solidarity. Despite the constraints of lockdown, the out of home community managed to come together to fight the effects of COVID-19, and social distancing in particular, with a campaign that connects and reassures people that we are in this together.

And with a location-based message that plays with the flexibility of the DOOH medium