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Objective Campaign
Aldi has a very consisted OOH advertising strategy with a long-term approach for an impactful campaign with proven results.
The 1st use of OOH by Aldi in 2017 was based on a long-term strategy that included multiple OOH formats combined with a multimedia approach
Communicate on the ‘Products Battles’ campaign

Media Characteristics
Aldi communicates with a long-term communication strategy, integrating several waves and declining different complementary formats: digital and paper.
During the 2019 campaign, Aldi thus benefits from the massive coverage of the Adshel 2m², the high quality impact of the MOF 36&16m² reinforced by the creative and dynamic dimension of digital with City Play and the giant I-CONIC screens.

Reason Best Practice
First use of OOH by Aldi in 2017 with a real long term strategy including multiple formats in OOH combined with a multimedia approach.
A branding totally coherent on the different supports and reused for each wave

This allows constructing effective and very high growing results compared to benchmarks*
-> Highest Recognition score in 2019, 2 times higher recognition score compared with the Street Furniture benchmarks (2000-2019).

*Cobra post-test

Products Battles Campaign