BEBAT – 2021

BEBAT – 2021featured

Objective Campaign :
Activate people to recycle used batteries.

Media Characteristics : Multiple OOH touchpoints were used:

  • Street: Adshel 2m² (posters & digital) & Insert
  • Public Transport buses (national coverage):
    • Inside: banners & window stickers (200)
    • Outside – Full backs (100)
  • Railway Stations:
    • Dazibao (Ghent-St-Pieters & Antwerp-Central),
    • Elevator Walls XL (Antwerp-Central)
  • Other media: Baches, Bread Bags, Moohzaik


Reason best Practice :
Campaign results: impact year-on-year increased results for the Bebat brand. (cfr graph left)
Efficiency: Creative use of different OOH media to convince consumers of their key-message. 2m² poster to create a solid base completed with other formats to ensure reach & frequency
Audacity: Railway stations - Out-of-the-box with 3D elements in Antwerp-Central (rope connecting both elevators >> “vang ze allemaal”)

Use of bread bags to spread the message >> get inside people’s home.