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Objective Campaign :
To attract new colleagues, the UZ Brussel hospital launched a catchy HR campaign by putting their USPs in the spotlight on the brand-new trambus.
As a second goal, they also want to point out to their actual hospital staff and future colleagues that they can easily come to work by bus.

Media Characteristics :
A Full wrap trambus was used to make UZ Brussel stand out in the region.
It was a conscious choice to opt for the trambus, because this brand-new vehicle stands out and starts its route four times an hour at UZ Brussel hospital. This remarkable trambus drives through the region from Jette, along Vilvoorde to Brussels Airport and reaches a broad range of potential new staff members.

Reason best Practice :
- Personalization by using a mix of different people in the design on both sides of the trambus shows the all-important human side of medical care.
- Strong message with a focus on three core values in the design.
- Playful copy by asserting that future colleagues get off at the stop Jette UZ-VUB.
- Result: 60% more applications received in the period that the Full wrap trambuswas in the spotlight.