Proximus Footfall Booster

Proximus Footfall Boosterfeatured

Objective Campaign :
Strategically, contribute to the Proximus’s ‘shift to digital’s strategy by testing ‘new media technologies’, through a specific programmatic DOOH strategy.
Tactically, ensure an ‘always-on’ visibility that supports Proximus Joint offers (with Samsung, Apple, …), optimized by incremental DOOH presence around selected POS .

Media Characteristics :
• Define 2 groups of POS clusters, with the same footfall level: group A covered by DOOH – group B not covered.
• Map DOOH screens around selected POS (group A), at a radius of 2 km in urban centers and 10 km for others
• Evaluate the footfall uplift between POS covered by DOOH (group A) and POS not covered (group B).

• Total result = +20% footfall in covered POS during the period (Group A exposed only’s periods)  !
• Very good results for DOOH & in streets POS : +30% vs Group B (Groups A & B exposed periods) !
• DOOH within shopping malls : +8% footfall vs Group B (Group A exposed only’s periods) !

Reason best Practice :
• Exemplify the new Proximus ‘Shift to Digital strategy’.
• Contribute to digital transformation (through programmatic buying) of OOH based on  ‘rocksolid’ data.
• Show that sharing intelligence & expertise from both sides (agency & advertiser sides) is key and lead to the best ‘test & learn’ cases.
• The case is all but a ‘one shot’, it represents a first foundation that will allow Proximus & Kinetic to further develop DOOH solutions with media publishers.