Best Of OOH

A podium for the Best Campaigns in Outdoor Media

Best of OOH offers an environment of most inspiring cases in outdoor media. To make this happen, all outdoor professionals post their best cases of the past months on an evaluation platform.

A multidisciplinary group of media professionals (advertisers, outdoor specialists and outdoor representatives) review the cases and select the best and very best to be published on the platform.


Selection criteria for the ‘most inspiring cases’:
Those campaigns chosen by the partners of Best-Of-OOH are being published on the website. The best of these cases will receive a special mention represented by a Crown symbol. Selection criteria that are being used are:

  • ‘Innovation’: campaigns making smart use of new technologies, new insights based on research or just simply a new kind of using billboards making it possible to achieve in a different way the communication objectives of the advertiser
  • ‘Efficiency’: campaigns that put into practice all ressources and assets of OOH in such a way that campaign efficiency can be proven by means of  measurement of relevant KPI's of the advertiser (sales uplift, activation or other forms of ROI data)
  • ‘Audacity’: campaigns that show a surprising, bold or daring way of using OOH (‘out of the box’)

Results of research (audience measurement for instance) or impact barometers if available can offer additional arguments to prove a campaign's excellent use of OOH.



Touchpoints (POS & POI)

This category groups all billboards of all formats, classical formats as well as digital displays on POS, shopping malls and Points Of Interest such as aero ports, fares, etc

Roads, Streets & Cities

All advertising billboards of all possible formats positioneel on Belgian roads and in urban centers.

Mobile & Transport

Campaigns with billboards on all possible formats positioned on and in busses, trams, metro’s and bikes.

Out of the Box (Special actions & one-offs)

In this category we find all special actions with special interest such as samplings, animations, 3D constructions, etc.


A specially selected jury with media specialists (advertisers, media strategists, outdoor specialists) meet and evaluate all received cases to ensure a quality control about the cases that eventually will be published on the platform. These cases are examples of excellent use of Out Of Home advertising.

The jury ‘Best Of OOH’ of 2023 is presided by Catherine Ducamp , BNP Paribas Fortis.