Disney+ Obiwan

Disney+ Obiwanfeatured

Objective Campaign :
Create Awareness and FOMO for the release of the new Original Disney+ series “Obi-Wan Kenobi”.
Broad audience : Adult Streamers and Star Wars fans

Media Characteristics :
LED Cube in Antwerp Central station in combination with a sound shower so people could see the full version trailer (30 sec) with sound experience.  Only the people under the sound shower could hear the sound.  On the other 3 sides of the LED Cube, there were 6 sec video’s without sound with focus on branding of Disney+ and Obi-Wan.  The combination of the Sound shower and the LED Cube was a media first.

Reason best Practice :
It was the first time the Soundshower was used in combination with DOOH to create a instream video experience in a public outdoor location.  This really had a strong stopping power keeping the peoples’ attention for the full 30 sec on the video while otherwise they walk by the other DOOH screens without sound.