Objective Campaign :
The goal was simple! Make sure that the whole world remembers the start of the 2019 Tour de France in Brussels! All by one simple idea and realization. A gigantic visible from the sky that all the televisions of the world will retransmit through more than 190 countries

Media Characteristics :
The gigantic “bâche” is a unique and ephemeral OOH media whose particularities were the size of 3272 m2, the material 99% recyclable and placed over a pond at the foot of a historical monument in the city of Brussels.
Thanks to the Tour de France, and especially the official departure, the potential audience exceeds one billion individuals and more than 190 countries broadcast live images between July 5 and 7, 2019

Reason best Practice :
It was a real challenge because it had never been done before! Everything had to be perfect for the date of the event, no errors or delays were allowed. In addition, it was necessary to respect ecological parameters of recycling. This project required advanced research in terms of materials, production and techniques validated by AIB Vincotte. The organization and the coordination of the various partners were decisive (mediaexpo- creaset and BMEO) and finally everything went perfectly thanks also to an excellent weather between the 5th and the 7th of July 2019.

The Making Of