LIDL Eindejaarscampagne

LIDL Eindejaarscampagnefeatured

Objective Campaign :

Reinforcement of the end of year campaign by combining OOH with other classical media.
Purpose was to create impact, the reason why the choice for Publifer with it's out-of-the box impactful solutions.

Media Characteristics :

MOF 36m² - 40 sites + a few locations with Out of the box add on
Elevator Walls XL in Antwerpen-Centraal
Escalator Walls in Antwerpen-Centraal
DNN national campaign (132 2m² screens)
Skyboard 180 at the railway station Liège-Guillemins

Reason best Practice :

This campaign is a mix of efficiency & audacity.
Efficiency to use out-of-home next to traditional media such as radio & television. A young and active urban population is easily to reach with OOH.
Audacity, by using mainstream solutions (DNN/MOF) in combination with out-of-the box solutions (Elevator walls, escalators, skyboard) makes this campaign remarkable. On top of this Lidl received lots of free press coverage.