Objective Campaign :
The aim was to reach during a period of 1 week the core target audience potentially interested in the new promotional offer of Playstation. This exceptional Black Friday promo consisted of a PlayStation VR + Ps Camera + PS Worlds for merely 199,99 €.

Media Characteristics :

  • Taking into account the target audience of 18-34 years, we selected formats and locations most suitable for this audience:
    digital screens in the shopping centers: Malls (JCD)
  • 2m² posters in trainstations: 2m² BeStation (Publifer)
  • digital screens in metrostations: MetroDigital (JCD)


Reason best Practice :
We have selected formats and locations most selective to reach this young Playstations audience. In metrostations 44% of travellers belongs to the target of 12-34y.  We have transmitted the advertising messages nationally on a total of 894 screens.