Lage Emissiezone Antwerpen

Lage Emissiezone Antwerpenfeatured

Objective Campaign :
The city of Antwerp wanted to promote the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) to ensure that air in the city becomes cleaner. Since 1/1/2020 the conditions for admission have become stricter. So the focus of the campaign is to always check your vehicle with the check tool before entering the LEZ.

Media Characteristics :
One full wrap and five trams with roof panels, in the heart of the city of Antwerp.
The tram is a smart alternative for the car. Antwerp has an extensive network of tram lines that can take you all across the city. The choice of medium is perfect for this message.

With a clear, simple and attractive design, the campaign didn’t miss his purpose.
The roof panels support the main message from the Full wrap tram and give the campaign more visibility.

Reason best Practice :
Perfect example of a good OOH campaign due to
- The concept: skip the car, use public transport to get cleaner air.
- The location: Antwerp is the tram city of Belgium
- The specific execution for this medium:  eye-catching design, with a clear message, easy to pick-up.