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July 11, 2022


Out Of the Box, Services, Street

Objective Campaign

This new campaign aims to demonstrate to citizens the different motivations to renovate buildings in Brussels: it’s possible to renovate one’s house and by doing so stop wasting money, while being ecological and all this in a comfortable environment.

This new campaign filled with color and a purifying layer was able to demonstrate both the values and the objectives of the sign thanks to its murals along 3 different frames.

Media Characteristics

Behind the great symbols and colors that this new brussels environment campaign carries, this campaign also decreases the ambient pollution, by breaking down the harmful particles present in the air.
The total campaign, which covers 435m2, has the same depolluting effect as 435 adult trees.
After the murals were put in action, the visuals were also relayed in a DOOH campaign in Brussels.

Reason best Practice

The particularity of this work is that Brussels Environment went outside the usual way. They chose art instead of traditional billboards, which allows them to stand out strongly. They also ACT (they helped renovate a giant wall of 300m2) and communicated at the same time: this is story-telling by story-doing. And so it is meaningful.

Strong visuals, and of disproportionate size generating 5.078.O00 contacts in 2 months allowed Bruxelles Environnement to wow the citizens & attract the attention of the media & the political figures at the same time.



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