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March 28, 2019


Billboards, Cars, Point of Interest

Objective Campaign

To support CITROEN dealerships in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in an efficient and alternative way during the AUTOFESTIVAL promotion period and simultaneously with the Brussels Motor Show. Ensure both visibility on the main axes and near major concessions.

Media Characteristics

The monumental mobile panel ‘SKYBOARD 60’ was the ideal solution as it offered both a display area of 2 x 60m2that could be set up near CITROEN dealers and move to different locations throughout the promotional period of the Autofestival.

Reason best Practice

This is an innovative and street smart campaign that allowed CITROEN to be visible on monumental displays when in fact it did not yet exist in Luxembourg. All objectives were achieved because the brand stood out from the usual landscape in Luxembourg and dealers felt strongly supported. Various strategic locations were covered during the period requested by the client.



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