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March 28, 2021


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Objective Campaign

Since the start of COVID crisis, wearing a face mask and keeping distance on all public transport of De Lijn is mandatory for all passengers. 

Therefore, De Lijn started the ‘Vlot & Veilig’ campaign, in which caring for each other is the central message. If we care, we wear a mask, we keep distance and we clean the vehicles as much as possible. These 3 basic rules are presented in a very simple way.

By the use of wobblers as well as floor and door stickers in the bus, De Lijn wants to attract the attention of the passengers in the bus. 

Next to the entrance door, on the outside of the vehicle, 2m2 stickers tell bystanders and passengers waiting next to the bus the exact same message.

After months of raising awareness, De Lijn wanted to boost their campaign in a creative way. By providing 15 vehicles (trams and trambus) with face masks stickers at the front of the vehicles, the message was out, not one word was needed to explain!

The mask stickers remain on the vehicles and continue to attract permanent attention.

Media Characteristics

In order to promote their COVID campaign, De Lijn uses their own outdoor medium and network in a clever way to spread the message. Every vehicle in Flanders is provided with the same communication. A clear and strong message and with this De Lijn occupy a solid  position on how to tackle the crisis.

For the extra face mask campaign, trams in Antwerp, Ghent and as well as the trambus that drives in the North part of Brussels were selected. That way the most populated areas of Flanders were covered

Objective Campaign



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