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March 28, 2019


Point of Interest, Services

Objective Campaign

In August 2018, the federal police recruited 950 colleagues to support their new security unit.
The agency PH410 was looking for an impacting way to reach their target.

Media Characteristics

We have proposed our national Face2face network with an extension on the mirrors.
We positioned 100 stickers in more than 50 establishments (bars, restaurants, theatre) to create an additional impact.

This sticker was a police uniform without the head of the police officer because after having seen Face2face, people could see themselves as a police officer in the mirror.

Reason best Practice

An HR campaign can appear boring if you don’t find a way to be impactful on potential profiles. Here, we have been able to create a link between the medium using another support that we are obliged to see, the mirrors.

The fact of becoming an officer, even if it’s just for 1 minute, creates memorisation, a funny experience and a privileged relation with the police, especially on one-to-one supports.



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