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Tui – Bye Bye Blue Monday

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March 28, 2019


Services, Street

Objective Campaign

To avoid the Blue Monday, TUI has organized a competition to turn this day into a joyful day, offering 10 flight tickets to sunny destinations. Digital OOH has perfectly answered the client’s wish to organize this giant game as they’re spread on key locations through the country.

Media Characteristics

Digital advertising – City Play screens

Reason best Practice

To win the precious price people had to find the digital screens with the TUI spot advertising flight tickets, take a selfie and be the fastest at the airport to exchange their selfie against a free ticket. Within less than 20 minutes, someone had taken a selfie with a Clear Channel screen and got to the airport to receive its free tickets.  Two hours after the campaign, the 9 other tickets had been claimed in the Holland & Belgian airports -> efficiency.
Thanks to the flexibility of the digital medium, the message could directly be adapted once the tickets had been claimed.



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