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March 28, 2021


Cars, Street

Objective Campaign

Volvo targets safety in DOOH with Clear Channel. As a leader in car safety, Volvo has carried out a completely innovative prevention campaign in DOOH. The aim is to make motorists aware of the safety of cyclists, who are increasingly present in Brussels.


Media Characteristics

In the heart of the busiest avenue in Brussels (Louise), Volvo has chosen to equip a City Play screen with a blind spot detector. Like the detector that equips the brand’s models, this one detects and warns motorists of the presence of any cyclist. 

The City Play not only broadcasts a blind spot warning message but also counts down the distance between the cyclist and the screen in real time. Finally, to ensure that the warning is effective 24 hours a day, the screen is scheduled to switch to a day or night version depending on sunrise or sunset.


Reason best Practice

An idea that fits perfectly into Volvo’s DNA, as Lolita Swanet, Volvo’s Marketing Manager, explains: ‘Making every driver a safer driver’ is the signature of our Salon campaign, but it’s also the reason why Volvo has always innovated. With this media idea, we are making the road really safe. For everyone.



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