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November 28, 2019


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Objective Campaign

Malta is one of the prime European tourist destinations if one is in search of the winter sun. The Tourism Authority of Malta has launched a campaign to encourage the middleclass citizens of Western European countries to spend their holidays on this beautiful island. 

Malta has made specific efforts in the capital city Valetta to accommodate a broad audience of visitors by offering a wide array of end-of-year festivities. This ‘The Murals’ campaign includes some of the best recognisable features defining the nature and the history of the country.

Media Characteristics

Malta has chosen a ‘The Murals’ campaign by Mediafield to complement their winter promotion.  The Murals’ is a product offering hand painted ‘artvertising’ on selected premium locations.  

Through ‘The Murals’, Mediafield offers audacious and creative brands to stand out by expressing themselves in an original, creative and especially unique way. The campaign has been performed in the city center of Ghent, near the event center called ‘Vooruit’.
The total surface of the painting is over 130 M2, the artist used the art of graffiti to ensure the best possible results.

Reason best Practice

This campaign is an example of an successful effort to go beyond and above the expected standards set in OOH.
‘The Murals’ combines the craftmanship of manual painting with effective commercial advertising.
The enormous size, the central location, the perfect timing and the amazing attention to detail all contribute to the effectiveness and uniqueness of this campaign.



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