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March 21, 2023


Corporate, Food, Out Of the Box, Street

Objective Campaign

Nestlé wanted to create an impactful campaign with the focus on fighting litter with the first ever outdoor campaign that uses 100% recycled paper.

Far too much waste does not find its way to the trash can in Belgium. Perrier, Vittel, KitKat and Lion: four iconic Nestlé brands are committed to fighting this phenomenon through a unique national awareness campaign. An approach that demonstrates Nestlé’s desire to act to reduce its environmental impact in each of its activities.

Media Characteristics

To fight against this litter, Nestlé, in collaboration with Clear Channel, decided to act directly where the problem occurs, the streets, and to use the power of its iconic brands Perrier, Vittel, KitKat and Lion.

Reason best Practice

Nestlé and Clear Channel join forces to fight litter with first outdoor campaign on 100% recycled paper.
To be the first ever out of home campaign that used 100% recycled paper for the campaign ‘Don’t let us down’ that focuses on fighting litter, makes it even extra special.It’s a wonderful showcase for our Digital media!
On the other hand, as a media of public utility, giving visibility to non-profit organizations such as SOS children’s village, it is essential to increase awareness and thus be able to actively participate in making things happen.



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