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May 9, 2022


Finance, Point of Interest, Services

Objective Campaign

The main objective of this campaign was to find a way to promote the “Payconiq by Bancontact” app by being as close as possible to the consumer and by making the idea of ​​”sharing” the bill understood in a funny way.


Media Characteristics

The customer decided to use a non-classic format of the beer coaster by offering the possibility of sharing/dividing an XXL size beer coaster into 4.
– Medium : B-Bock (XXL format)
– Network : National & Beach
– # beer coasters : 450.000
– Context : Horeca

Reason best Practice

1) Obvious parallel between the medium/network used and the idea of the campaign
2) Via the touchpoints used and the presence in the Horeca universe, extreme proximity with the consumer
3) This campaign fits perfectly well with the Horeca context because consumers are prompted to share an addition
4) Funny but relevant way to promote the campaign



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