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December 28, 2021


Out Of the Box, Telco

Objective Campaign

After having painted various murals in Belgium with so-called conventional methods, Mediafield and Proximus took on a new challenge: to create a mural while combining technology and painting.

Based on an idea by Famous / Silk, this mural was created by a robot guided trhough Proximus’ 4G network and the talent of the artist AbSuMo. This futuristic process allowed the physically limited artist to realize his dream: a mural, with the help of technology that also proved the stability and reliability of Proximus’ 4G network while realizing the dream of this artist with a disability.


Media Characteristics

“The Air Purifying Mural” executed by a robot is a totally specific display product. A 100% handmade or in this case completely technological realization directed by a robot! The painting time is part of the communication and allows a progressive revelation of the brand and in this case of the Proximus 4g network.
A surface of 6x7m was painted in Antwerp, at the Sint-Paulusstraat. The creation took two days and lasts 2 month in the street.

Reason best Practice

This performance opens a new door on what technology can offer in the OOH universe: combine art, robot and an impactful location!

Technology at the service of people is one of its most beautiful applications. Thanks to increasingly stable and efficient networks, it will now be possible to regularly live digital experiences that are high in emotion and color, also in OOH.



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