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Samsung S23

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Post date

July 21, 2023


Electronics, Out Of the Box, Point of Interest, Street

Objective Campaign

Samsung S23 series Product Launch. Make awareness around the new flagship smartphone of the Korean Brand.


Media Characteristics

Brandzone Louise outside, Stairs stickers, floor stickers, special build for Instagram pictures, wall stickers, Giant Led screens installations, vegetal walls, digital metro screens broadcasting : video 1
A Complete Metro domination (a “consumer path was created from outside the station to the platforms cfr vidéo) supported with lenticulars printing on selected 2m² frames : video 2

Reason best Practice

This campaign is a real entertainment, a perfect example of what advertisers can do with ooh. A real experimentation that will surprise commuters, a campaign that will make the news!
The sky is the limit, this product launch thanks to a 100% original OOH display will not fail to attract the eyes of commuters.
It’s a wonderful showcase for our media!



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