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March 28, 2020


Non-profit, Street

Objective Campaign

This winter, Clear Channel is joining forces with the platform and is making its digital screens available to guide people in precarious situations.

The web-app was created with the aim of providing real-time information to people in precarious situations, social workers, but also, of course, citizens wishing to help in the Brussels Region. 

Showers, housing, legal or administrative assistance, medical support, training – the platform provides an answer to 24 needs thanks to the collaboration of more than 100 associations.

Media Characteristics

This information have been broadcast on 98 Clear Channel digital screens, in the wake of the Brussels Regional Winter Plan, from Monday 18 November, to direct people in precarious situations to the nearest facilities, as soon as night falls throughout the winter.

Reason best Practice

This initiative is an extension of our work to create value in the cities where we operate. We contribute to the realisation of the smart city of tomorrow, by offering dynamic and relevant service supports for citizens.

“One of the first things we can do to help the women and men living on our streets is to provide access to information and services that can help them. It is a first form of link that creates solidarity and help to get out of precariousness”.
– Cynthia Simpson, President of the Board of Directors


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